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A hairdresser colouring a ladies hair
A bob hairstyle

Personal, beautiful and unique hair colouring services

We know how important your hair is to you. This is why we offer flexible appointments and a caring, personal and unique hair colouring service to our customers. This way, you will get the care and attention that you need, meaning that you’ll get exactly the colour you want, and for a reasonable price. Call us today, and speak with our colouring experts.


We are open 6 days a week and late on Fridays, so even if you are a busy bee, we'll still be able to fit you in.

At the Cutting Garden, we offer a wide range of hair colouring solutions to customers from all over Ipswich and beyond. Backed by years of experience, our stylists will ensure your new hair colour matches your expectations. From beach blonde to professional, stylish browns, we can offer you the colouring that you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Colouring solutions to suit your look

  • Highlights & lowlighting

  • Permanent & semi-permanent

  • Foiling for multiple colours